Wilson-Hurd’s POP Display Division

Giving Customers a Creative Solution to Highlight Their Product

Wilson-Hurd just wrapped up another successful Shopper Marketing Expo. It was great to see so many familiar faces, along with new ones that we hope to get to know better over the course of the coming year. Here is a look at some of the products that we featured at this year’s show:

Animated Electronic Displays

The Wilson-Hurd POP division has been working closely with our in-house electrical design engineers to add animated lighting to some of our POP displays. In addition to adding motion with lighting, we can also add motion sensors, light sensors and we even spoke with a company at the show about adding an electronic scent disperser to displays. We like a challenge and are confident it could be done. Who knows, next year we may have the best smelling displays at the Shopper Marketing Expo! Some of our electronic capabilities include:

  • Touch Screens
  • Motion Sensors
  • LEDs
  • Electro-luminescence (EL) backlighting
  • Fiber-optics

Full Displays

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Wilson-Hurd can also handle your full display needs. We can do a completely metal option like the boot display or a combination of materials as shown on the guitar. For those of you who attended the show this year and are wondering how you missed an almost 6′ guitar in the booth, the answer is you didn’t. We had so many great things to show that the guitar didn’t fit in the truck. We still like it though, which is why we decided to feature it above so we could show the combination of acrylic and metal. We also did the printing, fabrication and complete assembly of the guitars and all our other showcased products at our plant in Berlin, WI.

Aluminum Bottle Labels

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Our aluminum bottle labels caught the eye of numerous customers at the show. With thousands of products out there, our aluminum bottle labels may be just the thing to make your product stand out from all the rest. The metal label mirrors light to catch your customer’s eye. Some design options include:

  • A variety of thicknesses and finishes
  • Labels can be tinted to match your custom colors
  • Digital, screen, or litho printed with your custom graphics
  • Labels can be embossed to draw further attention to the brand being displayed
  • Labels can be roll formed to fit a curved bottle, or left flat
  • Aggressive adhesive suitable for bottle applications
  • Option of complete assembly of the labels to the bottles

Metal Tackers and Signage

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Wilson-Hurd displayed an assortment of our metal tackers at the show. Our signs can be created for indoor or outdoor use… or both! We utilize a variety of materials to meet our customers’ needs including aluminum, stainless steel, metalized styrene, plastic, vinyl, or acrylic. We can also provide a variety of design options including:

  • Finishes – brushes, textured, anodized
  • Printing method – screen, digital or lithography
  • Edge style – flat, rolled, formed, or folded
  • Enhancements – embossing, debossing, or holes
  • Single or two-sided signage
  • Full adhesive, strips or hang tabs for final application

Bottle Glorifiers

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Making a bottle glow captures everyone’s attention. We can illuminate bottles from the bottom with the LEDs or we can illuminate the front label with a UV light to activate UV ink and make it glow. Just give us your ideas and we will light up your bottles.

Are you interested in Wilson-Hurd’s POP capabilities? Do you have a challenging project that you would like our expertise on? Please contact us!

Call us at 800-950-5013 and ask for the POP Division.

You can also email us at poporders@wilsonhurd.com.

For more contact information click here

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