A Look at Wilson-Hurd’s Metal & Plastic Printing & Fabrication Division: 86 Years in the Making

It’s incredible how much a company can change in 110 years, and while many things at Wilson-Hurd have changed, our goal to supply customers with quality products has always remained the same. In 1928, 24 years after Wilson-Hurd was founded, the company began to print and fabricate aluminum nameplates. Now 86 years later, Wilson-Hurd’s Metal & Plastic Printing & Fabrication division is still going strong.

Berlin, WI Plant

High Volume Manufacturing Plant – Berlin, WI

Our ISO certified Metal & Plastic division located in Berlin, Wisconsin offers a multitude of capabilities to provide customers with custom nameplates, dials, graphic overlays, fabricated panels & enclosures, and decorative trim. Product enhancements include embossing, selective texturing, colored LED windows, hard-coating, doming, and much more.  The list of our available materials has grown as well in 86 years to include:

  • Polycarbonate
  • Polyester
  • Acrylic
  • Vinyl
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Brass
  • Cold-Rolled Steel

With so many customization options and possible combinations available, no two customer’s projects are ever the same.

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One of the great benefits of being in business for so many years is the continuing development of customer relationships. Wilson-Hurd has many customers from a variety of markets including industrial controls, flow controls, automotive and consumer electronics, some of which have been loyal customers for decades. We know these customers wouldn’t be sticking around if we weren’t doing something right. The quality of our products has been a huge priority from the very beginning, not only in our Printing & Fabrication division, but also in our POP, Electronic Control Product, and Medical Contract Manufacturing division. Vice President of Operations, Peter Dehne, expands on why customers keep coming back to Wilson-Hurd. “During my 13 years with Wilson-Hurd, I have been most impressed with our attention to the customer,” recalls Dehne. “In the challenging world of custom manufacturing, it can be difficult for a customer to find a reliable, consistent and responsive manufacturer. We pride ourselves in our willingness to address a situation with every resource at our disposal, making it as transparent to our customer as possible.” As a testament to Wilson-Hurd’s outstanding quality, Elster American Meter LLC recently informed us that we had produced almost 4.5 million parts for them with zero defects! That many parts with zero defects is an incredible feat, and we are more than happy to be able to make our customer’s production process that much easier.

While Wilson-Hurd has been a stable presence in the manufacturing world for many years, new and exciting technologies are being developed and we are always motivated to take on the next challenge. Wilson-Hurd today, is very different compared to the Wilson-Hurd of 1904. Can you imagine what the Wilson-Hurd of the future will be like? One thing we can promise is that whatever the project may be 100 years from now, it will still include the same Wilson-Hurd quality we provide today, as well as centuries’ worth of manufacturing experience to back it up.

For more information on Wilson-Hurd and our capabilities, visit our website at www.wilsonhurd.com, and contact us at 1.800.950.5013 or at sales@wilsonhurd.com.

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