Making Your Point-of-Purchase Display Shine with Custom Illumination

Want to outshine the competition? There are various illumination and backlighting techniques that you can use to highlight your product, and develop an eye-catching point-of-purchase display.  The richly colored glow of your display will turn customers’ heads even from across the room.

Let’s Explore the Possibilities

Think of every time you have purchased something in a dimly lit area. Maybe it was having a drink with a colleague during happy hour, or perhaps grabbing a bag of popcorn and a drink at the cinema concession stand before going to see the latest blockbuster? Possibly you hit the jackpot while playing slots at the casino? Every time the lights are low is a time for your product to shine. The possibilities are endless.

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Speaking of endless possibilities: why limit illumination to dimly lit spaces? Creative lighting could also be used to feature cosmetics and fragrances. Imagine walking into a space that feels clean and crisp. Using bright white LEDs under white acrylic with custom trim will make your product look flawless. Illumination can be used to highlight the characteristics of your product that you want customers to notice most, or it can be used to set the overall tone and feel of your unique brand. This can be accomplished by creating backlit signage, glorifiers, or something completely different that hasn’t yet been thought of.

Backlit signage can be created with very intricate detailing by using digital, screen, and litho printing techniques. This especially becomes important if your sign requires thin font types. Advanced printing technology & attention to detail is required to create sharp lines within the signage to create well-defined edges between colors.

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Bottle glorifiers are another great use of illumination. If your brand has a beautifully designed bottle, why not show it off? By lighting a bottle from below, the fine detailing of the packaging design will be highlighted by a vibrant glow.

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Types of lighting and illumination include LEDs, fiber-optics, or light-guide film. LEDs are the most popular choice, and are perfect for the environmentally conscious. They are generally available in a multitude of colors and provide a bright, intense light while utilizing a small amount of energy. Light-guide film is a newer lighting technology that uses LEDs to create a solid film of light. Light-guide film is a good choice if you are looking to light a large area uniformly without any hot spots.

Have additional backlighting and illumination questions? Let us know! We would be happy to help you on your next point-of-purchase project. Don’t worry if technical details are not your specialty… our team of engineers will easily handle those details for you. Just give us your ideas, and our engineering team will develop a solution that is sure to stand out.

About Wilson-Hurd:  Wilson-Hurd Manufacturing specializes in the production of custom electronic control products including membrane switches, capacitive switches, PiezoPanels, elastomeric keypads, point-of-purchase displays, medical contract manufacturing, printed electronics, nameplates, panels, dials, and overlays. Wilson-Hurd was founded in 1904, and is headquartered in Wausau, WI, with additional locations in Berlin, WI.

For more information on Wilson-Hurd and our capabilities, visit our website at, and contact us at 1.800.950.5013 or at

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