Featured Project: Elster American Meter

Wilson-Hurd’s Nameplate & Dials, Overlays, and Panels division has worked closely with Elster American Meter to develop metal nameplates that are screen printed and cut using a compound die. Throughout the years, we have produced over 4.5 million parts for American Meter with zero defects. This accomplishment is a true testament to Wilson-Hurd’s outstanding quality and dedication.

“In the challenging world of custom manufacturing, it can be difficult for a customer to find a reliable, consistent and responsive manufacturer,” said Pete Dehne, Vice President of Operations. “We pride ourselves in our willingness to address a situation with every resource at our disposal, making it as transparent to our customer as possible.”

We hope to continue this incredible achievement and keep making our customer’s production process that much easier.

To learn more about Elster American Meter visit their website at www.elster-americanmeter.com.

For more information on Wilson-Hurd’s capabilities, click here.

Are you a current customer of Wilson-Hurd? If you would like your company’s project to be featured on the homepage of our website in our “Featured Projects” section, please e-mail us at marketing@wilsonhurd.com.

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