8 Useful New Features of Wilsonhurd.com

If you have visited Wilson-Hurd’s website sometime in the last 3 months, you might have noticed some major changes. On February 3rd, 2015 we launched our brand new corporate website, adding a variety of new features that are designed to make the product design and ordering process even easier for our customers and prospective clients. Take a look at some of the new things you can do on wilsonhurd.com:

1. Design Guidelines

Wilson-Hurd’s new Design Guidelines have been created by our Engineering department to assist you with the development of your custom Electronic Control Product. Each set of Design Guidelines features:

  • Important things to consider before designing your product
  • Construction details
  • Available materials
  • Tooling options
  • Electrical layout
  • Technical details
  • Word glossary defining important terms, and much more.

Design Guidelines are currently available for capacitive switches, elastomeric keypads, membrane switches, PiezoPanels, and Touchscreens, and can be found on their corresponding product pages.

website screenshot

2. Request Samples & Quotes

Requesting a sample or a quote from Wilson-Hurd has never been easier. The Request Quote button is available at the top of every single page of the website.

website screenshot rfq button

Interested in requesting a quote or samples for a specific product? While on any product page, that option is available to you on the right side of the screen.

website screenshot sample rfq buttons

After you submit your form, your request will be reviewed and a representative from that product division will contact you.

3. Photo Galleries

Interested in seeing some of our past work? There are two places where you can do so. The Resources section of our website is home to our photo galleries, which are organized by product division. Each image has a short description of the product below, and the gallery can be easily navigated by clicking the arrows on the main image or by clicking one of the thumbnails below it.

website screenshot photo gallery

Detailed photos of our products are also shown on our product pages. These galleries can also be easily navigated by clicking the arrows, or thumbnails.

website screenshot photo gallery 2

4. Videos

If you are a current or prospective customer and you are curious to see where and how your products might be built, you will want to check out our Videos page within the Resources section of our website. Videos are being added on a monthly basis, and show a variety of topics including product demonstrations, tours of our facilities, and trade show highlights.

website screenshot videos

5. Featured Projects

Wilson-Hurd’s Featured Projects section is a way for us to showcase some of our unique capabilities, and highlight situations where we were able to help out our customers. Featured Projects are displayed on our homepage, as well as various other pages within the website.

website screenshot featured projects

If you are a current Wilson-Hurd customer and you would like your product to be featured on our homepage, please let us know!

6. Product Division Capabilities

Wilson-Hurd is a company with a large combination of different capabilities and products. We understand that it can be difficult to differentiate between 5 product divisions and quickly determine which division is the one you should be working with. That is why we put together a detailed list of each product division’s capabilities, so you can select the right product division that you will need for your project.

website screenshot capabilities

7. Responsive Design

Wilson-Hurd’s website is now mobile-friendly! With its responsive design, the new website can be accessed from any device including tablets and mobile phones, making it easy for you to contact us or look something up on the go.

image1 (1)

Have any questions regarding our new website? Let us know by filling out the form below! 

Wilson-Hurd, founded in 1904, offers custom printing, fabricating, and electronic manufacturing services specializing in Electronic Control Products, Printed Electronics, POP Displays, Medical Contract Manufacturing, and Nameplates & Dials, Overlays, Panels.

To learn more about us, please visit our website at wilsonhurd.com.

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