Featured Project: Hydrogels & Their Use in the Medical Industry

Hydrogels are gel-like substances that have the capacity to hold water in their structure.  They can be created by mixing polymers and water then exposing it to an electronic beam or chemically through a combination of cross-linking. Hydrogels can be customized for various transdermal applications, to address the treatment of wounds, as well as the delivery of numerous drugs or other agents for pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries

Hydrogel 1Hydrogels can be used in a variety of applications, including:

  • Medical diagnostics
  • Tissue engineering and regeneration
  • Drug delivery
  • Components for medical devices
  • Temperature management

Wilson-Hurd has the capability to use hydrogel in our medical contract manufacturing division.  Examples of medical devices that can utilize hydrogels are: printed sensors for respiratory monitoring and disposable printed electrodes for EKG sensor arrays. Hydrogels have certain advantages when used in disposable medical applications. The hydrogels easily adhere to the skin, allowing for zero prep time with the patient. It also possesses a degree of flexibility similar to natural tissue, and it is highly absorbent as it contains over 90 percent water.

To learn more about Wilson-Hurd’s medical contract manufacturing capabilities, click here.

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