Wilson Hurd has been in the Point of Purchase display business, often referred to as “POP” in the retail world, for a great deal of time. In this day and age, technology is being introduced into the POP market, so Wilson Hurd’s goal is to push the boundaries, and continuously find new ways to conceive dynamic POP displays custom-made to our customers’ liking.

It’s hard to be indifferent to the fact that an effective POP display can have a dramatic impact on sales for a particular product category or brand. After all, according to a research study conducted in 2012 by the Point of Purchase Advertising International, also known as POPAI, an estimated 70% of purchase decisions are made within the retail store itself. The business savvy would seek to capitalize on this by creating a point-of-purchase display that heavily influences buyer impulse.

Static signs have typically paved the way, but the point-of-purchase display industry has seen a great amount of transition toward the world of the technical by adding electrical components to the design structure. There are many ways that POP can incorporate technology, resulting in an evolution of the display, allowing it to stimulate an even greater interest as a promotional piece.

By integrating elements of lighting, sound, or even a motion sensing video screen, a POP display can be brought to life and the result is attention being drawn to the product that it is aiming to promote. Using these very technologies can assist to encapsulate the attention of the consumer in an environment that is busy or readily distracting. The following examples demonstrate a few ways of how technology has been used in Wilson Hurd’s POP displays to make the overall statement more impactful.

Guitar Illumination - With Caption

One of Wilson Hurd’s attractive lighted pieces is a Jack Daniels guitar that combines an already engaging guitar design as well as moving fluorescent lighting which spans the length of the guitar’s neck up and down.

Another example of how illumination can be incorporated into a POP display is by using backlighting. One of the common instances where Wilson Hurd has used backlighting is on a stand which will present an alcoholic product to the consumer as shown below.

Using this technique allows for a fresh dimension to the appearance of the product and helps catch the eye of the customer.

Bottle with caption

To break into another realm of technology, one of the POP counter displays that we have produced in the past has the ability to hold and display a portable speaker which allows you to demo music and its crisp, clean sound directly from the display itself at the push of a button. What is so impressive about this particular item is that the stand is perfectly angled to show the speaker to the consumer so that they are able to see the face as well as all the sides of the object. This does not only present it’s exact size and shape to the buyer, but it also creates a perfectly-positioned piece so as to not interfere with or distort the quality of sound the speaker produces. As you can see by the picture below, the signage is also informational, giving the buyer the opportunity to read about the products unique capabilities.

Speaker Deck with caption

Another recent POP display that Wilson Hurd integrated with technology is our Video Display. Not only did this item have LED lighting capabilities, but it also has a motion-sensing screen that signals for a video to begin playing when nearby presence is detected. This creation combines many of Wilson Hurd’s competencies as well as sets us apart from many other POP display providers who simply do not have the propensity to build the display in it’s entirety under one roof as we do.

POP Video Display with Caption

As you can see, there are a number of options that can be used for your next display. Whether you are looking to make your display rotate to give a 360 degree enhanced appeal or you would like for your product’s display to contain interactive and dynamic features, such as a software that allows for near real-time content updates, Wilson Hurd can custom-make it for you from start to finish. We encompass the vital design and manufacturing tools to optimize the success of your point-of-purchase display.

If you would like to learn more about Wilson Hurd’s Point-of-Purchase division, please visit our website at You may also request a quote or sample, as well as download a free brochure detailing more information about Wilson-Hurd’s capabilities.

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