5 Medical Devices that are Changing the Way We Do Medicine

Development of medical devices continually changes the medical profession and impacts many of us. For instance, many of these innovative medical technologies are evolving the industry by reducing medical costs, providing more accurate readings, diagnoses, and treatments, decreasing the strenuous workload of physicians as well as providing improved patient care all-round.

Wilson-Hurd is very familiar with how medical technologies can create advancement as we offer exemplary medical contract manufacturing services. We provide assistance to medical device companies on every aspect of a project from assembly through packaging to meet the product’s requirements. We hope to keep bringing these dynamic devices to the market to influence continued change.

To give you an idea of what amazing things today’s medical devices are capable of, read on and learn more about 5 medical devices which are influencing change in the health care industry right now.

1. Absorb GT1 Bioresorbable Vascular Scaffold System

Medical 1

This medical device is a fully absorbable stent mounted on a balloon dilatation catheter. It is made of an absorbable polymer with a thin coating which contains the drug everolimus. The absorbable stent contains two platinum marker beads, one embedded at each end. This device is placed into a blood vessel during angioplasty to help keep the coronary artery open. The stent dissolves and will be absorbed by the body in approximately three years, leaving behind only the platinum markers.

2. Sorin Perceval Sutureless Heart Valve

Medical 2

This product is a man-made aortic heart valve with the tools needed to put the valve in a heart. It is made of cow tissue and has a frame made of Nitinol (an alloy of nickel and titanium) that expands by itself to the right form. This device can replace a natural or man-made valve that does not work well. Usually, patients need heart valves replaced when their old valves leak or become too narrow. To insert this device into the body, a doctor compresses the valve and puts it on the end of a small tube, called a balloon catheter. A doctor makes a small cut in the patient’s chest and feeds the catheter into the old heart valve. The new valve is released and expands inside the old heart valve. The doctor then takes out the catheter.

3. CyPass® Micro-Stent

Medical 3

This device is a tiny tube that is designed to control eye pressure in patients with glaucoma. This is done by creating a drainage pathway from the inside to the outermost layer of the eye. It is implanted into the eye to help drain the fluid that builds up in individuals with this medical condition. If not treated, pressure builds up inside the eye and eventually can damage the optic nerve, causing blindness. This device is placed in the eye at the time of cataract surgery and consists of a small stent that is pre-loaded into a stent delivery tool.

4. Axium Neurostimulator System

Medical 4

This is a system that doctors use to help adult patients manage their moderate to severe chronic intractable pain in their lower limbs. The system includes an implanted signal generator, 1-4 implanted leads, and two controllers. This is implanted by having a doctor put the generator and wires through a small cut in a patient’s back. The doctor connects the leads and sets up the device. Patients can then use their controllers to send pulses to nerves in their spinal columns. The pulses help to reduce pain in adult patients who have complex regional pain syndrome types I and II.

5. Micra Transcatheter Pacing System (TPS)

Medical 5

This medical tool contains a one inch-long, self-contained pacemaker that is implanted directly in the right ventricle chamber of the heart. It works like other pacemakers and is meant to control the heartbeat by generating electrical impulses that cause the heart to contract or beat. Once in place, the pacemaker monitors the heart rate and adjusts therapy in response to the patient’s activity level. Unlike other pacemakers, however, the Micra TPS does not have leads. It is a single-chamber pacing system which means that it paces only the right ventricle of the heart.

These are just a few of the medical devices that are making headway in the betterment of medicinal procedures. We anticipate that there are many more to come. These very technologies will compensate for human error as well as amplify the strengths of our medical professionals. Ultimately, there is a great opportunity for the usage of these current medical devices, and many other technologies that are yet to come, to optimize health care.

Here at Wilson Hurd, we plan to continue providing the best in-class Medical Device Contract Manufacturing services including PCB Board assembly, box build, testing, and fulfillment services.  Product categories we specialize in include: disposable printed electrodes for EKG sensor arrays, hydrogel based printed sensors for respiratory monitoring, device assembly and manufacturing, and medical quality cables. Should any of these services be needed by your company, don’t hesitate to contact us to further discuss how we can supply you with a tailored, cost-effective, and quality product that matches your very needs.

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Featured Projects: Boss Salt Spreader Controller

Boss Controller

It was a pleasure for Wilson Hurd to work with Boss Products to create a controller for the interior of vehicles which are used for snow removal. The purpose of this device is to control the salt spreader positioned at the tailgate of the truck.

Boss Salt Spreader

The original control design was very plain and didn’t have the element of style and allure that Boss was looking for. They were seeking a controller that would reflect the appeal of cutting-edge equipment and technology that would be in line with the rest of the Boss product line. We worked directly with the designers at Boss Products to figure out what should differ in the new controller to attain the desired look. The Boss team liked many of the ideas we presented to them during a visit to our Corporate Headquarters in Wausau. After working out the details of the end-product, the new panel design was created which incorporated the backlit keys and plastic backpanel.

The backlighting and functional elastomeric keypad was perfect for this project as it allowed for drivers to not only see the controller in the dark, but made it easy to the find each of the individual switches and operate the spreader by the feel of the raised keys on the elastomeric panel.

The components of this device are as follows:

  • Membrane Switch Assembly with Metal Domes
  • Elastomeric Overlay with Matte Polyurethane Finish
  • Printed Circuit Board Assembly
  • Plastic Backpanel

Controller Make-up 2

Overall, the project was a success. We were able to find the ideal solution to accommodate for Boss’ specific needs.

Contact us today to discuss custom design ideas for your next electronic control product or for more information on Wilson Hurd’s capabilities.

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Gold Mirrored Point-of-Purchase Displays

Wilson-Hurd’s POP division has exhibited their strong creative abilities and aptitude to produce captivating, in-demand merchandise with this gold mirrored stand and sign. Any company looking for something that will pop out and demand attention may find that the process used on these two items may be what they seek in their next point-of-purchase design.  Both of these items were created using a technique where Pantone Matching System was used on aluminum to color-match it with a brown/gold hue.

The two items were made using the components below.

For the flat piece with edge banding:

  • Clear acrylic on top a digital print, multi-layered wood grain surface
  • Gold Lettering – Laser cut “Wilson Hurd” applied to Printed Acrylic with pressure sensitive adhesive
  • Gold Edge Banding made from Cosmetic Brite aluminum which is coated and die cut to size, then secured to the border

For the stand piece:

  • Laser cut gold mirror base
  • Laser cut gold mirror letters “Wilson Hurd” adhered to aluminum
  • Clear laser cut acrylic solvent bonded for standoff and structure
  • Cosmetic bright aluminum with 1 screen pass for color and folded into shape of display
  • Black styrene attached to aluminum to stiffen and build thicker edge

All the parts of the displays were assembled in a manner that creates a free standing look of the aluminum floating.



Contact us today to order your brand’s exclusive gold mirrored display, or for more information on Wilson Hurd’s Point-of-Purchase capabilities.




Are you a current customer of Wilson-Hurd? If you would like your company’s project to be featured on the homepage of our website in our “Featured Projects” section, please e-mail us at marketing@wilsonhurd.com.