Gold Mirrored Point-of-Purchase Displays

Wilson-Hurd’s POP division has exhibited their strong creative abilities and aptitude to produce captivating, in-demand merchandise with this gold mirrored stand and sign. Any company looking for something that will pop out and demand attention may find that the process used on these two items may be what they seek in their next point-of-purchase design.  Both of these items were created using a technique where Pantone Matching System was used on aluminum to color-match it with a brown/gold hue.

The two items were made using the components below.

For the flat piece with edge banding:

  • Clear acrylic on top a digital print, multi-layered wood grain surface
  • Gold Lettering – Laser cut “Wilson Hurd” applied to Printed Acrylic with pressure sensitive adhesive
  • Gold Edge Banding made from Cosmetic Brite aluminum which is coated and die cut to size, then secured to the border

For the stand piece:

  • Laser cut gold mirror base
  • Laser cut gold mirror letters “Wilson Hurd” adhered to aluminum
  • Clear laser cut acrylic solvent bonded for standoff and structure
  • Cosmetic bright aluminum with 1 screen pass for color and folded into shape of display
  • Black styrene attached to aluminum to stiffen and build thicker edge

All the parts of the displays were assembled in a manner that creates a free standing look of the aluminum floating.



Contact us today to order your brand’s exclusive gold mirrored display, or for more information on Wilson Hurd’s Point-of-Purchase capabilities.



Are you a current customer of Wilson-Hurd? If you would like your company’s project to be featured on the homepage of our website in our “Featured Projects” section, please e-mail us at

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