Featured Project: Respiratory Motion Inc. ExSpiron PadSet

RMI Padset 2

Wilson-Hurd had the pleasure to work with Respiratory Motion Inc. on a medical device used in patient ventilation. The medical device known as the ExSpiron PadSet connects to a monitor to provide real-time monitoring of ventilation and respiratory rate. Wilson-Hurd’s Advanced Technology Facility (ATF) division used hydrogel technology to develop the PadSet and ran testing to ensure that the product functioned properly.

The ExSpiron PadSet went on to be used in Ebola research according to an article from the Boston Globe. The article states that researchers used the ExSpiron system to remotely perform diagnostics and therapies to a faux patient without having to come into direct contact. To read the full article about the research click here.

Some features and benefits that Respiratory Motion Inc. has mentioned about the PadSet include:

  • Five sensor array helps capture, recognize and discard artifacts
  • ExSpiron Hydrogel technology ensures good skin contact and optimal signal quality
  • Length adjustable Sensor provides for a flexible design which easily adjusts to different body sizes
  • Sensor presents a low profile comfortable Sensor Array
  • Connector provides secure connection
  • Latex-free
  • One size fits most

For more information on Respiratory Motion Inc, please visit their website at www.respiratorymotion.com.

To learn more about Wilson-Hurd’s capabilities, click here.

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