Featured Project: Wilson-Hurd POP Video Display

Wilson-Hurd’s POP division in Berlin, WI, had the task of designing a video display to showcase our skills and abilities for the GlobalShop 2015 show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The challenge was to develop a display that demonstrated our capabilities and was also appealing and memorable to people walking by our booth.

Video Display 4

The POP team designed and manufactured the display shown above in its entirety and used a variety of materials and processes including:

  • Screen and digital printing on both aluminum and polycarbonate
  • Aluminum fabrication
  • Laser cutting of acrylic
  • LED light insertion
  • Motion sensing
  • Final assembly of display

The video monitor within the display features the actual production of the display and is powered on by motioning your hand above the screen. The LED lights are battery powered and have an on/off toggle switch.

Video Display 3

“Typical POP display projects using video monitors have proven to increase product sales between 35% to 50%,” said David Bono, Eastern Regional Sales Manager. “A lot of companies can supply video monitors, but only Wilson-Hurd can do it all under one roof. We’ll provide printed items, LED’s, monitors, and customer circuit boards with motion sensors, and then assemble it all in our facility. This gives the customer greater control for a superior product at a competitive price.”

View the video below to see how the display works.

To learn more about Wilson-Hurd’s POP capabilities, click here.

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Wilson-Hurd Helps ETC Light Up the Stage

The collaborative effort between Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC) and Wilson-Hurd is the key to the success of ETC’s CEM3 project.

It’s possible you may have never heard of them, but chances are you have seen ETC’s work. Electronic Theatre Controls, based out of Middleton, WI, currently provides quality products to the following markets; entertainment lighting, specified architectural lighting, and industrial weighing and measuring. You could have seen their products lighting up the stage at the National Theatre in London, or maybe at the Guangzhou Opera House in China, or the 5th Avenue Theatre in Seattle, Washington. Or perhaps you saw their work gracing the outside walls of the new Palazzo hotel in Las Vegas, or climbing the side of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. ETC has lighted up stages, artwork installations, and architecture all across the globe, and we at Wilson-Hurd have been honored to work with them on a number of projects, including ETC’s own CEM3 system.

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The CEM3 system was designed by ETC to help reduce setup time, simplify system backups, and make the process of networking a lighting system run as smoothly as possible. The CEM3 platform provides a simple and risk-free way to control lighting on stages and touring events.

Wilson-Hurd’s engineering team was able to brainstorm and combine the most effective manufacturing capabilities to give the CEM3 system these key features:

  • Capacitive touch wheel for precise lighting controls
  • Extremely tight color control using digital/screen printed combination of graphics
  • Adjustable backlit keys and LEDs for easy viewing in dark control rooms
  • Precisely embossed keys provide explicit snap action key response
  • Assembly of the keypad to powdered coated metal backpanel

“By closely working with Electronic Theatre’s design/engineering team, the Wilson-Hurd team developed a cost effective controller produced in Wisconsin.” says Dan O’Connell, Western Sales Director for Wilson-Hurd. “Our high quality digital press combined with our screen printing expertise produced a high end graphic for this capacitive touch controller.” adds O’Connell. According to Tom Steer, Product Manager at ETC, these product features are what really make a difference backstage, stating “The integrated backlighting (invaluable backstage), numeric keypad and touch wheel have vastly improved the user experience for customers working with our dimming systems, while the cast metal user interface gives the product the robustness it needs to cope with life in the field.” A difference made backstage, can make all the difference onstage.

For more videos from ETC, visit their Youtube channel here.

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