Featured Project: Hunting Scent Control and Elimination Device


Wilson-Hurd was delighted to work with Ozonics with the goal of putting together a functional and well-designed Hunting Scent Control and Elimination Device. This is an instrument which creates ozone for the use of masking the scent of an individual while they are in the woods hunting.


This technology transforms ordinary, ambient oxygen into scent-eradicating ozone. Essentially, an electric charge is passed from the rechargeable battery in the Ozonics unit to an air cell coil. As air passes over the cell, some of the oxygen molecules in the air are fractured by the electricity to create ozone. The fan propels this ozone downwind where it eliminates all trace of the hunter’s scent.


Wilson-Hurd was able to enhance this product by giving the interface an intuitive, straightforward, and functional design.  All buttons in the design are easy to find and differentiate, as well as placed far enough apart to not incidentally push one while meaning to push another.  It was understood that hunters would likely be using this mechanism while hunting in cold weather conditions and therefore buttons and switches were planned out for use of gloved-hands. In order for maximum visibility that would not warn nearby game, the machine is illuminated with the use of green and red utility lights. Furthermore, switches turn on and off silently to make sure that the hunter’s presence is not detected. The device is built to withstand harsh weather conditions and also light-weight for ease of transfer.


The build constituents for the Ozonics membrane switch assembly are as follows:

  • Keypad Assembly with Elastomeric Overlay with Matte Urethane Finish
  • Printed Polyester Circuit with Red and Green LEDs

The achievements we made with this project met each of Ozonics’ goals and we were happy to be able to accommodate our customer’s specific needs.

If you would like to learn more about Wilson-Hurd’s Electronic Control Product division and our capabilities click here or fill out and submit the form below:

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